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Imperial Diamond is a one-stop e-commerce portal for wide range of uniquely designed, hand crafted  gold plated Cz jewellery specially created to cater international customers. Our wide range of stunning necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings and bridal jewelry will light up your personality and add elegance to make you feel different . The entire range of stunning yet affordable Cz jewelry is showcased in a user friendly e-portal to choose and  buy to make you look distinguished at every occasion.

Our wide range of Gold plated Cz jewelery, unique designs, fast delivery across the world and affordable price makes us stand different and gives us the privilege to serve international jewelry market.   Imperial Diamond is a leading brand for uniquely designed Cz jewellery not only in India but also exports to around 25 countries including major markets of USA, Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Australia,  UK, France, Germany, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE.

 With a huge storehouse of over 6000 new and unique designs coupled with a very efficient in-house designing team and passionate consumer support team, we are now a well-known name in  national and International  Jewelry Market.

Cz Jewelry - an alternative to Real Diamond

Cz Jewelry as an alternative to Real Diamond

Artificial zircon jewelry is made up of natural gemstone, which is highly dispersive or rather sparkling in nature and made of the simple synthetic crystalline substance which is used as an alternative to those expensive diamonds. The CZ jewellery sets are much less expensive than the real diamonds. But, the brilliance and the crystal clarity makes it a replaceable to the real diamonds. Cz  jewelry at Imperial Diamond is uniquely designed, handcrafted and is available for you at affordable prices.

People today prefer going in for an option, that gives them a classy, elegant look and at the same time makes it a click away for them to own their wishes. With all the available options and designs and types our website offers, one can confidently buy Cz jewelry online with user friendly experience. Zircon jewelry is a luxurious category of jewelry, that every woman should definitely own.

 Zircon is the other word for elegance and panache, it clearly talks grace and delicacy with a good combination of royalty and divinity. We have a magnanimous variety of zircon jewelry online serving to all kinds of customers leaving no one unsatisfied. Even the corporate women, who prefer sporting simple elegant pendant and earrings gets stunning pieces  just a click away.