About Cubic Zirconia

What is Cubic Zirconia (CZ)

Lets Know about Cubic Zirconia / CZ

Cubic Zirconia / cz is basically a diamond replica jewellery made with a lab created Diamonds known as Zircons. It has the lustre and finish of a Diamond jewellery.

What we make are Premium Quality Cubic Zirconia  jewellery with 3A starcut Zircon stones, 24 carats Gold/Rhodium plating. Finished with a Italian coating to elongate the jewellery life.

And all the jewelleries are handcrafted by our craftsmen working in our factory. Cubic zirconia jewellery gives you the sparkle of gorgeous gems without the high price tag. Cubic Zirconia jewellery is lab-created, yet durable, beautiful and affordable.

Below given answers to the most frequently asked questions about it, will help you to  learn more about the specially designed sparkling synthetic gemstone to make you shop with confidence for the pieces that are perfect for your style and budget.

What is so Unique about our jewellery? Why should you buy it?
The Best Features about our product:

1) We make the best quality CZ in the whole-world. Few companies may come at par with us, but we cater with best quality and unique designs. 

2) Just a real diamond jewellery, all the stones are pronged from 3 or 4 sides. Thus replicating the same luster and clarity of a real Diamond jewellery.

3) Only in India, specifically in West Bengal, you find the craftsmen who can handcraft these jewelleries. This is one of the reasons our jewelleries are more durable than the machine made Cz.

4) We use Rhodium plating instead of Silver. Surprisingly, Rhodium is more expensive and durable than Silver.

5) A highly skilled team of designers work tirelessly to design every single piece and strive to make it elegant for you. No one in the world right now can provide you the variety we can.

What is the process for manufacturing cubic zirconia jewellery?

 Ans: When manufactured it goes through the same number of steps that of a Diamond Jewelry. 
Step 1: Drawing the design by the artist.
Step 2: Approving designs after necessary changes by the management.
Step 3: Converting the Manual Drawing to CAD in Computer by Jewellery Designer Professionals.
Step 4: Converting the CAD file to a Digital printout called CAM
Step 5: Converting the CAM piece to a Master dye.
Step 6: Making a Wax piece prototype.
Step 7: Stone Setting on the Wax pc also called ‘Wax Setting’.
Step 8: Creating a tree of the wax pieces.
Step 9: Creating Flasks for Baking in a Furnace.
Step 10: Drying the Flasks.
Step 11: Baking the flasks in Furnace for 8 to 10 hours @ different temperatures up to 728C
Step 12: Casting metal.
Step 13: Breaking the flasks to take out the metal tree.
Step 14: Water Jet Cleaning
Step 15: Cutting the metal pieces from the metal tree.
Step 16: Cleaning in a Magnetic Washer for about an hour.
Step 17: Filing the edges and borders by Jewelry Filing Experts.
Step 18: Soldering pcs to form a jewellery set.
Step 19: Polishing the set.
Step 20: Manually hand setting the stones that came off during any of the previous processes.
Step 21: Re-cleaning the jewellery in Magnetic Washers to remove all dirt before electroplating.
Step 22: Copper electroplating so that the base becomes smooth.
Step 23: Lacquer coating for areas where different colour plating to be done.
Step 24: Gold Electroplating.
Step 25: Removing Lacquer and re-plating Rhodium for silver colour.
Step 26: Quality Checking by the Production Team.
Step 27: Bar-coding and Inventory management.

What types of Cubic Zirconia jewellery are available?

Cubic zirconias can be found in all types of jewellery, including rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuff links, charms, pendants, body jewellery, and even handbag embellishments. Cubic zirconias are lovely in engagement rings, stunning in tennis bracelets, and eye-catching in large necklace pendants. Large, flawless cubic zirconias are great centre pieces for cocktail rings, and colored cubic zirconia gems look fabulous in birthstone jewellery.

Is cubic Zirconia jewellery a good value?

Cubic zirconia jewellery is an impressive value. Because cubic zirconias are created in a lab, large stones are common, but they are also valuable. Cubic zirconias rate an eight on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness, which is a scale from one to ten. When your cubic zirconias are set into quality metals, such as gold, sterling silver, titanium, platinum, or Rhodium plating  they will retain their value and appearance for decades.

Should I purchase cubic zirconia wedding jewellery?

Cubic zirconias are perfect for engagement rings and wedding bands because they look like flawless diamonds and are incredibly durable. Many couples choose cubic zirconia wedding jewellery because they are concerned about the environmental and cultural impacts of purchasing diamonds, and they benefit from saving money in the process. Big, flawless diamonds are incredibly rare and may not be available or attainable for the stunning solitaire engagement ring you’re dreaming of.

How do I care for cubic zirconia jewellery?

Most pieces of quality cubic zirconia jewellery will last a lifetime with the proper care. You can usually just clean them with soapy water and a soft cloth. For more information, be sure to read our guide on caring for CZ jewellery.